The Highest Edgebanding Quality

Canplast TopGloss™ (previously KLEAR-VU) adds lightness to any design or space.  If you are looking to create an upper end high value look, then Canplast TopGloss™ is worth the investment, and it will be an investment as the cost matches the look.

Canplast TopGloss™ is a clever alternative to genuine glass. It has the visual advantage of glass, without the disadvantages that arise during the processing, transportation and use of glass.

Canplast TopGloss™ Edgebanding provides the highest Edgebanding quality with an environmentally-friendly smile.  Canplast TopGloss™ Edgebanding is made from transparent acrylic and is printed from the reverse providing a solid protection against external damage. The product can easily substitute real metal Edgebanding solutions because it looks identical to metal but offers higher scratch and impact resistance.  Canplast TopGloss™ acrylic Edgebanding is chlorine-free and may be incinerated with general waste.


Solid Colors

Canplast TopGloss™ solid colors are extremely vivid pronouncing the detail on any furniture.Canplast TopGloss™ solid colors can enhance and compliment any thermofused melamine and high-pressure laminate perfectly. Canplast offers a variety of standard solid colors from stock.

Woodgrain Prints

Canplast TopGloss™ woodgrains are rich in color matching or complimenting elegant furniture. The printing on the back remains fully intact, even on the milled radius. This eliminates picture-frame effects and provides a continuous and harmonious transition from the Edgebanding to the board surface.

Designer Prints

Canplast TopGloss™ designer prints follow the trend for more urban-looking designs. The design opportunities are virtually endless.

Metallic Prints

A growing trend has emerged in the woodworking industry for metallics in combination with other materials such as glass, plastic and wood. Canplast has met this demand with its innovative TopGloss™ metallic line. In contrast to real metallic surfaces, Canplast TopGloss™  withstands scratches, dents and marring since the design is applied on the reverse of an acrylic Edgebanding material. This makes it a perfect choice for applications on table or countertops.

2-in-1 High Gloss

Canplast  2-in-1 Edgebanding is a clever alternative to genuine glass. It consists of two high-gloss colors running in parallel. When 2-in-1 is applied to a high-gloss board, an amazing three dimensional effect is created. It appears as if the high gloss surface is thick and substantial giving the board a higher value appearance.


This appealing design contains a specially formulated ink that reflects light in different colors depending on the angle of the viewer.


This Canplast TopGloss™ design impresses through its satinised finish matching frosted glass cabinet door inserts.

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  • Sophisticated high-gloss look

  • Durable and long-lasting design

  • Clever alternative to glass

  • Lightweight material

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Canplast is committed to using only top grade polymers. All materials used are extensively tested prior to initial production using special test procedures that are based on the strict specifications and quality standards of the furniture industry. For this reason, Canplast customers can be confident that our products are made from the very best materials available on the market.

Acrylic (PMMA = PolyMethyl MethAcrylate)

Acrylic (PMMA = Polymethylmethacrylate) is an established high grade thermoplastic, setting new technical and aesthetic furniture edging standards in in the form of the Canplast TopGloss Edgebanding. The transparency of Acrylic furthermore exceeds that of glass.