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Product Detail – TopEdge

The Canplast TopEdge™ stock program focuses on mainly on the growing thermofused melamine market.  Canplast works with the top Laminate providers to create matching Edgebanding to their latest laminate designs.

Through the Edgebanding Finder tool you can view the full Canplast TopEdge™ line.

Search by laminate to find Canplast Edgebanding to match.   A subset of the laminate providers that we have up to date and current matches for include Wilsonart, Tafisa, Formica and more!

Search by Canplast design and find all the matching laminates.  

For all matches returned, the availability from inventory of any Canplast design will be displayed.  Any nonstock Edgebanding is available as a custom order.

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  • Availability in Solids, Woodgrains and Designer Prints

  • Matches to top providers

  • Quick turnaround and delivery on stocked items

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Use the Edgeband Finder to view our stock program.  Find your perfect Edgebanding match by  size, material, board manufacturer, embossing and gloss level.