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Canplast premium quality PVC Edgebanding combines elegant appearance with the protection sought by furniture manufacturers.

Made from high quality thermoplastic resin, Canplast PVC Edgebanding adds a smooth, finished look to shelves, cabinets, tables, partitions, paneling and other casegoods outperforming a host of other material in edge protection.

PVC Edgebanding from Canplast is ideal for all types of institutional, office and residential furniture, store fixtures, millwork and kitchen and bathroom cabinets.



Canplast solid color Edgebanding can be used in an unlimited range of applications. The computer-matched color throughout the thickness allows the Edgebanding to blend in an makes the joint between the Edgebanding and the laminate virtually invisible.


Canplast has developed a unique means of injecting a realistic woodgrain effect throughout the thickness of its 3mm PVC woodgrain Edgebanding. This eliminates the picture-frame effect sometimes associated with Thick PVC Edgebanding. The base color is specifically blended to unify the Edgebanding with the panel pattern.

PVC Edgebanding Details

Canplast PVC Edgebanding may also be applied manually, using a gluing jig or Edgebanding press, for instance. 2-component, acrylic based dispersion Adhesive or suitable contact Adhesive are recommended. For further information, please contact your Adhesive manufacturer directly. Single component wood PVAC glue is not suitable for gluing. Special lacquer Adhesive, solvent glues or cartridge adhesives (PU) may be used for manual gluing. We will gladly provide you with a list of Adhesive on request.

Gluing should be carried out at room temperature.

To achieve optimal Edgebanding bond when using contact Adhesive, ensure that the cure time after applying Adhesive to Edgebanding and board is observed. This is followed by tapping on the Edgebanding.

Heating to speed up adhesion (e.g. heating rails) is superfluous when using dispersion glues. Processing may continue after curing (up to ca. 6 hours, depending on Adhesive)

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  • Easy to trim

  • Great impact resistance

  • Available in wide range of colors, patterns and woodgrain

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