• FusionEdge

    Solids, Woodgrains, Designer Prints

    beautiful kitchen with white, designer print and woodgrain Edgebanding

Invisible Edge between Board and Edgebanding

Canplast FusionEdge Edgebanding has  a pre-applied color coordinated  proprietary coating which results in an invisible bond and seamless edge.  

Additional hotmelt Adhesive is no longer needed, as the Canplast FusionEdge is adhered to the board with Hot Air, Laser, and Infrared bonding technology.  Leading Edgebanders offer this bonding technology; and together we offer our customers a superior quality bonded edge.

Fusion Edge         Fusion Edge       Fusion Edge

Canplast FusionEdge is available in solids, woodgrain and designer prints and in PVC, ABS and TopGloss (previously KLEAR-VU).

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  • Invisible glue line

  • Pre-applied layer = No mess

  • PVC, ABS and TopGloss (Previously KLEAR-VU) Stock

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