Company History

Canplast  has a rich company history, it was founded in 1974. In 1976, Canplast put its first production line in its present location in Montreal, QC. In 1981, Canplast installed its first “calendar” line. This allowed Canplast to produce multiple bands at one time. Canplast opened a new facility in Greensboro, NC in 1988. This plant was opened to better serve the burgeoning US market for PVC. Canplast has the only major PVC manufacturing plant in the US. In 1992, Canplast installed the first of its production lines capable of manufacturing 3mm thick Edgebanding.

In recent years, Canplast has expanded and has corporate ownership in Canplast Mexico, Canplast Centro America, and Canplast Do Brasil.

In 2004 Canplast became part of SURTECO SE, the world’s leading specialist for surfaces technologies, with a product range covering decorative printed papers, surface foils and Edgebanding.

Canplast is known in North America as a premier Edgebanding supplier to the woodworking industry. Our products include both polymer and paper Edgebanding, as well as hot melt adhesives. Canplast has stock in all popular colors and designs to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Canplast has proven time and again to produce the best PVC Edgebanding matches in the market place. With over 800 printing cylinders to choose from, Canplast is able to provide its customers with the highest quality PVC Edgebanding matches possible. We never stop developing new matches based on our customer’s needs.

Canplast works closely with its customers to provide them with new products, such as our BMF profile Edgebanding. This Edgebanding has a variety of profiles to enhance the look of the edge, and is easily applied with a standard edgebander, eliminating the need for any additional steps in your manufacturing process.

Canplast also offers a Semi-Flexible 3mm PVC which can be used on curved edges allowing customers to offer a curved, ergonomical work area.

Couple all of this with our knowledgeable customer service and sales staff, and we’re sure you’ll find we have what it is you need to succeed in business today.

Core Values