Retirement of the Canplast Brand

Over 2019, Surteco, the parent company of the Doellken and Canplast brands has taken steps to combine the Canplast offering into the Doellken brand.

Throughout 2019 the Doellken parts were made available under the Canplast brand, and now the time has come to retire the Canplast altogether.

As of March 2020 Canplast as a stand alone brand has been retired.   The most popular Canplast parts will be integrated into the Doellken offering, and will be listed as Canplast Legacy.

Finding a Canplast Legacy Part

Please visit the the Doellken Edgebanding Finder to locate the Laminate match you are looking for.

If you are unable to locate the part you are looking for,  be sure to contact our Customer Service team and they will assist you in finding the closest Doellken match.