Canplast KLEAR-VU Edgebanding provides the highest Edgebanding quality with an environmentally-friendly smile. KLEAR-VU Edgebanding is made from transparent acrylic and is printed from the reverse providing a solid protection against external damage. The product can easily substitute real metal Edgebanding solutions because it looks identical to metal but offers higher scratch and impact resistance. KLEAR-VU acrylic Edgebandings are chlorine-free and may be incinerated with general waste. Please go to our Edgebanding Finder to view our stock program.




Canplast has launched a new Edgebanding program reflecting on the increased popularity of high gloss surfaces in today's furniture design.


KLEAR-VU GLOSS contains 8 high gloss designs (gloss level 90) that compliment standard high gloss surface colors such as black, white, grey and red. The four KLEAR-VU 2-in-1 colors are acrylic Edgebandings consisting of two colors running in parallel. The top color of the Edgebanding matches the surface and similates a thicker finish.  The 4 solid gloss colors are made of ABS with the same high gloss quality as the the KLEAR-VU acrylic colors. The ABS colors come with a protective foil.


Please click here to see our KLEAR-VU GLOSS

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